Objective Remi Moldova Foundation
The objective of the Remi Moldova Foundation (RM) is to give stray dogs in Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, a better life. The foundation is helping with medical care and adoptions. The main goal however, is the neutering of the local dog population and vaccinate them against rabies.

Neutering stray dogs is solving the problem at the heart of the matter. A female dog who is not neutered, has a litter twice a year with an average of eight puppies. These puppies will also grow up to become a stray dog and as a result have two litters a year and so on. Although Remi Moldova has already neutered several hundreds of stray dogs in Moldova, the majority of the stray dogs population still needs to be neutered. The main reason is that dog owners simply cannot afford to have their pets neutered. So recently RM started to offer free dog-neutering and distributed an educational booklet for children on the subject of dog-neutering and its importance. 

RM operates under the CNVR principle (Collect, Neuter, Vaccinate & Return). The World Health Organisation has recognized that this principle is the only effective method for coping with the stray-dogs problem.

CNVR practice
RM works with local vets. They are responsible for collecting the animals to be neutered.
At the animal hospital the dog will have an anti-flea-and-tick-treatment. The following day the dog will be operated. During its stay the dog will have medical care and will be fed. The dog will also be labelled with a special ear-tag, with its own unique administrative number. 

Neuter, vaccination against rabies
At the moment the all-inclusive costs of the treatment of a male dog is € 27 and for a female dog € 40, including the rabies vaccination. 

After treatment the dog will be returned to its original location. This is important for the continuation of life the dog is used to. 

And then?
The dogs are safeguarded against municipal anti-stray-dogs programs by the ear-tags they wear. There is a lot of local publicity about the RM-program, with information on local vets and the free medical care that 'our' dogs are entitled to. And it works!

And you?
The Remi Moldova Foundation is a non-profit organization and is always in need of money. Please join our donation-program, or become a sponsor! On request we also neuter stray-dogs that live on the premises of firms, if they compensate the expenses. 

*To translate the rest of this website we are looking for a translator. For information please contact via info@remimoldova.com.